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If you ever wondered how an agency forecasts profit for clients Google and Meta ad accounts, this paid advertising and profit calculator is it. Use the calculator to input your specific metrics to calculate profit and margins when running ads, how much ad spend you will need to generate your ideal ROI and our forecasting tool that will show you exactly what profit you’ll make on any advertising spend.

Use this calculator if you:

πŸ‘‰ Are not sure how to calculate your profit margins are when running ads

πŸ‘‰ Want to understand what your ideal CPA is

πŸ‘‰ Need to know if your agency quote makes sense – how much revenue can they really generate? (You have the tools now to prove otherwise!)

πŸ‘‰ Based on REAL strategies that have worked for our clients

πŸ‘‰ Brand owners & marketing managers

What’s inside:

  • βœ… Advertising metrics input fields
  • βœ… Profit Calculator
  • βœ… CPA Calculator
  • βœ… 12 month advertising spend forecast


Got questions?

All products are for marketers or owners who already have a reasonable knowledge and access to their stores. It is designed to be very easy to follow – even for nvices or if you are at the start of your business building journey.

Yes! You can find the individual modules in the store, however the box includes bonuses you can’t get anywhere else.

Yes! This is includes the foundation setup for Meta and Google ads managers

We’ve designed this entirely based on the inner workings of our 7 figure agency – this is not found anywhere else and has tested, trialled and proven to work on real clients, from zero to million dollar brands.

Yes! This is perfect for startups as it really sets the foundation for long term growth.Β 

Short answer is YES! The worksheets are focussed around the way your customers interact with your brand, how your brand is positioned and all elements can easily be translated to a service based model of business.

What are they saying?

β€œNot like most downloadable which are generally rubbish - this has actually changed my business! Highly Recommend.”
Alice - The Artists Label
"Who put's all the inner workings of their agency up for anyone to grab? These guys do! Just an incredible amount of value!”
6 Social Media and Digital Marketing Podcasts to Help You Stay Up to Date
Tony P.
β€œI found it really helpful to get my head around the technical workings on my website and meta ads - it all makes sense now - thankyou so much to Liza and the team”
case studies WCM Digital
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