Strategy Workshops

Launching a new product, brand or need more growth for your store? Workshops are a great way to align your team, get expert advice and save money by avoiding costly marketing mistakes.

Did you know? 80% of new products fail within the first year of business and 60% will bust after just 3 years. Poor planning, poor budgeting, positioning & competition all have a part to play in the success and failure of brands – which side will you be on?

Want the secret formula to high converting product pages? Well there is one! We’ve increase conversion rates from 1-3% by redesigning product pages, home pages and category pages in a way that follows a set of user experience frameworks that is PROVEN to convert more customers.

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Successful brands have plans

Discover how we’ve helped brands design, develop and strategise for success – even mature brands need fresh new perspective sometimes.

eCommerce Strategy Workshops

Having an omnichannel strategy that your whole team is aligned with is essential for a brand to ensure they know exactly where their marketing spend is going and that it’s measurable.

With so many platforms to grow your brand with – which one is going to give the best ROI for your product? A strategy and road map is the fastest way to deeply understand your audience and know exactly where to spend your budget, when and for what return.

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Logo design

Brand Strategy Workshops

Your brand is the essence of your business. Visual, values and positioning are all components that you need to be crystal clear on if you are going to compete in any industry.

We’ll help you to define your brand promise, develop key messages and a communications style guide to help you talk to your customers effectively.

Launch Strategy Workshops

Have a new product or brand you’re launching? Not sure how to get the maximum exposure | impact | return?

Clarifying your strategy and plan is the only way to success. We’ll develop a solid roadmap that will drive sales, build customer lists and ensure you get the best return possible for your marketing spend.

Achieving incredible results 
for some amazing brands.

We took this brands prices and increased them by 15% to improve positioning against their competitors – want to see how and why?

$40k p/mo

Positioning Strategy

What was the strategy behind increasing prices? In a discounted market and competitors price gouging – we chose to go up. Read how, why and what the effect was…