6 Awesome Australian Podcasts For Women in Business


6 Social Media and Digital Marketing Podcasts to Help You Stay Up to Date

The social media landscape changes constantly and it pays to keep up to date. But with trends, new platforms, algorithm updates and ever-evolving best practices, keeping on top of it all is no mean feat. That’s why the WCM team loves podcasts! They’re free (usually), packed with information about niche topics, and best of all, you can listen on the go, making them the most convenient way to keep up to date with industry news. Yay for podcasts! We put together a list of our current favourite Australian podcasts about social media and digital marketing.


Add to Cart – for all things eCommerce

Hosted by eCommerce and retail strategist Nathan Bush of 12High, Add to Cart explores all things eCommerce. In each episode, Nathan speaks to industry experts about subjects like customer retention, customer research and experience, and up to the minute, local topics like the future of Australian fashion retail, and the impact of Covid-19 on the Australian eCommerce landscape. Episodes range from 35 – 55 minutes, offering in-depth explorations of the topics at hand. There’s also a webpage for each episode including a transcript, links and a summary of hot tips and takeaways, making Add to Cart an invaluable resource for anyone in eCommerce in Australia.

Find it here: Add to Cart


Brandfetti – for tips on content and business

Hosted by lawyer-turned-copywriter, brand-storyteller and strategist Anita Siek, Brandfetti covers all things content, brand strategy and business building. It includes first-hand insights from Anita (who founded copywriting and brand-strategy agency Wordfetti), and covers topics like writing great Instagram captions, figuring out your brand’s tone-of-voice, and useful insights from special guests, like this episode on intellectual property with IP lawyer Fi Nguyen.

Find it here: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/brandfetti/id1464154049


Stevie Says Social – for social media strategy and podcasting tips

Stevie Says Social is full of accessible, practical advice, delivered by a friendly and fun host. Topics covered include Instagram strategy, Facebook advertising and podcasting, and Stevie is occasionally joined by special guests for insights into things like PR and business growth. If you’ve ever thought about starting a podcast to complement your business, definitely give this one a listen. It’s Stevie’s area of expertise!

Find it here: https://steviesayssocial.com/podcast


Hot Copy – marketing from a copywriter’s perspective

You may not consider yourself a copywriter, but if you’re a digital marketer or small business owner, you likely wear many hats – copywriter included! If you’ve ever wanted to improve your copywriting skills, hosts Belinda Weaver, Kate Toon and special guests provide insights from a variety of perspectives, including writing copy for social media and SEO, as well as tips for those wanting to go freelance or establish their personal brand as copywriters. Far from dry talk about grammar and sentence structure, this podcast is full of practical tips, resources and a few laughs along the way.

Find it here: https://www.hotcopypodcast.com


Download This Show – for social and tech news and politics

An ABC podcast hosted by Marc Fennell, Download This Show looks at social media, electronics and tech news from a cultural and political perspective. Episodes include reports on the recent Twitter bitcoin hack, Australia’s cyber-security HQ, and news from major tech and social media companies. With episodes around the 30-minute mark, this is a concise way to stay informed about the cultural and political impacts of the digital platforms we deal with every day as digital marketers.

Find it here: https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/downloadthisshow/


Socialette – bite-sized social media and launch lessons

Hosted by launch strategist Steph Taylor, Socialette offers bite-sized insights about social media, marketing for small businesses, and launching digital products. Episodes are typically around the 10 minutes, making them super easy to fit into your day, and Steph does occasionally do some longer deep dives into business related topics with special guests.

Find it here: https://plinkhq.com/i/1370751593?to=page

We hope this list introduced to some new podcasts that will help you stay informed in this ever-changing industry.

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