Chat has just become a whole lot Smarter…

Chatbot marketing & Wallets have been around for a while now and their capabilities have soared.

With AI capabilities, chatbots have developed into a league of their own and are lifting the heavy loads for eCommerce brands.

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Seamless Conversations that Convert

Chatbot Marketing has a bad rep… the cleverness and potential of the advanced tool is quite endearing when you get to see how they can be applied well. 

How can you engage a community authentically with a chatbot, I hear you ask? Through understanding the tone of voice, language and conversations that your customers are having, as well as their biggest pain-points. This is what marketing is all about and the use for chat has never been more adopted.

Wallets are a powerful and under utilised ally that help vendors such as hospitality, theatres, airlines, transport and entertainment in general secure tickets in the customers phone, while being able to send reminders and notifications when you need to most.

What Can Chatbot Marketing & Wallets Do For Your Customers?

01/ Live Chat Auto Response

Save hundreds of man-hours and provide faster replies with automated responses, sequences and flows.


Subscription & Coupon Delivery

Link to email campaign management to provide a seamless pathway to subscription.

03/Events &Campaigns

Purchase tickets, send reminders, encourage sharing and upsell.


Browse, Shop & Share. Deliver intuitive product reminders based on customer interaction.

05/Take Bookings & Find Nearest Location

Increase bookings, automate reminders and send thank you followup messages.

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