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Power up your advertising strategy with a proven and tested formula that leaves your competitors in the dust. Our Hyper-elev8 methodology has successfully scaled our clients beyond 8 figures and can do the same for yours.

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What is the Hyper-elev8 Method?

Creating your dream revenue in 8 steps









Diving into the Archives

This deep dive analyses data from sales, historical performance, buying patterns, customer lifecycle, repeat purchases, stock levels, retention, traffic and ability to scale. 

Realign the Compass

Knowing what we know from your brand’s data, we perform a gap analysis to determine what needs to be implemented to ensure a seamless customer journey. Every touchpoint from the instant a new customer sees your brand, right through to building brand ambassadors.

Brand & Market Positioning

 Understanding not only your existing channel data but also your competitors is the next step and is critical for your product market fit. We want to hear industry thoughts, consumer pain points and how the market perception aligns with the product, to ensure we are positioned well to capture and acquire new customers at a lower and more frequent rate.

Community & Content Assesment

Building brand ambassadors, gathering User Generated Content and engaging your community are foundational building blocks that are core elements to sustainable brand growth. We automate and systemise this process so that customers can interact with you easily.

Hypothesis Matrix

Calculated predictions are where we begin creating the plan and strategy for your first ad campaigns. We plan to a formula-based matrix which considers all research and data of your brand as well as the overall industry. 

Rapid Fire Testing

Our rapid-fire testing technique is already well known and used in the industry. It allows us to test multiple audiences with minimal adspend, particularly helpful when looking for new audiences to resonate your creative with and to also test new creative. A recognised process that works.

Scaling Up

It’s important for us to hold baseline targets for you before we scale to ensure that we can achieve the forecast  MER and keep your profits high. Ad campaigns that marketers boast ROAS measurements on, can be outweighed by single campaign success rather than overall MER.  We measure for overall MER  – Marketing Efficiency Ratio so that we can negate our retainer as quickly as possible and scale beyond average marketers.

Optimising for Performance

Optimising for performance comes with a dedicated eye and consistent approach to tweaking, testing and increasing ad spend incrementally every few days. This is done in a measured and stable way to ensure your campaigns have as much longevity as possible. 

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“Engaging the team in a Marketing Workshop helped us to navigate out of the pandemic era, its a decision we grow more confident with daily. From our very first conversation and through our intensive workshop.”

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“We’ve loved working with the WCM Team every step of the way – their knowledge and commitment is unlike any agency we’ve worked with.”


“We didn’t know how to bring our customers back to our own website after years of selling through our stockists. WCM built and ran a campaign on facebook ads that drove 4000 new customers through my door. We are really impressed.”

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