The best digital marketing conferences you MUST attend in 2023!

6 Social Media and Digital Marketing Podcasts to Help You Stay Up to Date

Are you looking for digital marketing conferences for 2023? Australia fast becoming home to some of the best digital marketing events in the world, bringing together digital marketers from all over the country and even overseas. Whether you’re a seasoned digital marketer already, or are just beginning to scratch the surface on all there is […]

6 Awesome Australian Podcasts For Women in Business


6 Social Media and Digital Marketing Podcasts to Help You Stay Up to Date The social media landscape changes constantly and it pays to keep up to date. But with trends, new platforms, algorithm updates and ever-evolving best practices, keeping on top of it all is no mean feat. That’s why the WCM team loves […]

How an Advertising Agency Tests Facebook Ads

facebook testing

Every Facebook agency should have a process for testing – This is ours. Running Facebook ads is a bit of an art and a bit of a science. And what is science all about? Experiments and tests! If you want to get great results with Facebook ads, you need to get into the mindset of […]

Could LinkedIn Ads be a Game-Changer For Your Business?

linkedin Ads

How can Linkedin Help my eComm? Have you ever thought about marketing your business using LinkedIn ads? When compared with Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, LinkedIn may have a reputation as the dry, corporate player in the social media world, but did you know that it has over 500 million users? That’s some serious potential.   […]

Can A Google Ads Agency Help You Reach Your Target Audience?

google ads

Could Google ads help you reach your target audience?     If you a run a small business you know that getting your content, product or service in front of your target audience online is key to the success and sustainability of your business. But it’s also easier said than done, so how can an Google […]

Chatbot Advertising

Why NOW Is The Time To Rethink Your Chatbot Strategy It’s time for some chatbot advertising chat.   Chatbot advertising gained popularity with the release of Chat GPT and while it started popping up on a few years back, the capabilities are truly endless. If your only experience of them has been a little dull, […]

Social Media Agency Insider Tips To Grow Your Business

social media agency

Looking for more ways to generate sales via social media? Feel like you’re constantly scrolling and next thing you know, you’ve gone down that rabbit hole of reel’s and you have lost sight of what you were even doing. Well my friends, it happens to us all – it might be time to get some […]

Google Performance Max VS Adwords

google ads vs performance max

Are you using Performance Max? Change, they say, is a constant thing, and in today’s society change and adaptability are the new norms. Digital marketing is not exempt from this. Brands, advertisers, and marketers have used Google Performance Max Ads (formerly known as AdWords) to create sales since it gives them total control over their […]

Google Shopping Ads- Are they worth your Time?

google shopping ads

Are you using Google Shopping ads in your marketing?  The Pandemic has accelerated the adoption of eCommerce in Australia by 5 years, despite eCommerce having a boom- not all industries have been as fortunate. With many still lagging with their digital adoption, many are now scratching their head on how they can get traffic to their […]

Maximise your eCommerce Sales with Psychology

ecommerce sales

How do you combine the psychology of discounts to maximise your ecommerce sales? How do you combine the psychology of discounts to maximise your ecommerce sales? There is actually a whole psychological approach to discounts and pricing, but is discounting hurting your business? Like really hurting your hip pocket and profit margin? Do your customers […]