Google™ Ads Case Study

How We Scaled a Google™ Ads Campaign
to Increased ROI By 536%….. in Less Than ONE MONTH

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How we quickly amplified revenue for this brand with Google™ ads

Do already have great results ( or not so great results ) with Facebook™? Looking to see if your product or service is better suited to Google™?

As a Google™ ad agency recently had the pleasure of working with our first vegan cheese brand – Honestly Tasty based in the UK. They had great success already with Facebook Ads and with a new website launch, knew they wanted to try expand into the Google Shopping and Search space. With modest goals of increasing their revenue by 10% with the new channel – we proved to them that Google ads was definitely the right choice. 

Less than one month in and we managed to turn that projected 10% increase in revenue – to a 45% increase in just the FIRST MONTH which equated to a 536% Return on Adspend for the client!
So here’s one for the Google ad doubters!!
I’m about to walk you through exactly what we did to turn this account into a winning revenue stream in such a short time…..Ready??

What we did...

Before the roll-out of new Google ads campaigns, we ran a full audit on the Website and Google ad account.

We realised very quickly that the company had very few competitors in the space and so when we launched we were able to take 75% of the market share on search alone.

On the ads we were able to track a  17% conversion rate ( the industry average is just 2%) which was immediately a surprise to the client. Out of every 851 clicks, the company generate 882 sales – every click resulted in at least one

Overall for that month we generated 540% return on Adspend – just crushed it for our very happy client!

The Campaign 

Now that the funnel and campaigns had been properly assessed and that the brand was ready for traffic, it was time to go live with the campaigns. 

The Objective
We were tasked with ensuring that the performance of the channel was a success and that we could justify it to be used as a long term funnel.
We recognised the huge importance in structure and ensuring our cost per conversion and CPC stayed low.
Previously, the brand had run many keywords (poorly) and results had nose dived quickly. They lost much of their adspend as a result and deemed Google™ ads to be ‘not right for their product’.  Our first strategy was to leverage Google’s™ machine learning to find the low hanging fruit from what it knew already with dynamic remarketing. Historical data can contain gold nuggets of truth, everything from the best audiences to the most engaging content. Next we deep dived into their keyword strategy and found key areas where we could be placed that resulted in high returns and low click through rate.

A huge mistake was not running with a specific offer previously, not having anything to really hook a person in.
This changed when we overhauled the copy of the ads and drove targeted traffic through to highly specific landing pages.

The Results

The single biggest change was “tidying” up the ad accounts, optimisations and improving the user experience to stabilise sales and drop the cost per conversion- the secret sauce was using posts with testimonials and building landing pages that matched the offer, which allowed for mass scale. 

182 conversions from a $3,870 ad spend - resulting in over $20,000 in revenue over 3 months!

Ps. –  If you’re skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was… you can request a free strategy call to have myself and my team personally audit your business and ad campaigns and advise on how to scale and succeed with FB Ads!

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