Competition Case Study

How we used a competition campaign to completely change the way this brand thought about their customers

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How we tapped into their markets quickly and with huge success.

When our client came to us, they had a pre-made plan that ended up costing them a fortune. Additionally, they paid for the auto-strategy with the same amount that our team would have spent working for over 40 hours on a unique approach for their business! 

  For some time, the successful outdoor retail brand has been searching for a sound strategic plan. After developing a tailored strategy, we saw that the approach had one GIANT gap that we regularly see, and that is using an assumptive approach when targeting the customer.

In order to collect real customer data and truly know in all certainty WHO the customer was – we launched a competition that drove sales in-store their stockist, online to their store AND collected much needed customer information – which completely changed the way they thought about their marketing.

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competition case study

 The Competition

The client had seen huge success over the years but relied on retailers to sell products. This meant the customer journey was partially owned by others. Our first step was to test our audience hypotheses while building their owned data and gaining access to the full customer journey. 

 The first competition was a simple email generator with the goal to segment the audiences into demographics and grow the list, there were no barriers to entry (with complex entry requirements or purchases). We were able to grow the list by 4000 in just 30 days, test our hypothesis, segment email campaigns. Our open rates on emails are over 40% and click throughs above 5%! 

The Junior Compost Program 

After confirming our theory that mothers of young children were buying worm farms and composting tumblers, we realised there was a chance to increase brand recognition by connecting with the places that we knew the audience would be – Schools.

We crafted a specific education program that would benefit both schools and families with educational resources, tools and the opportunity to win major prize packs.

Since then, more than 80 schools have joined the program around Australia, distributing hundreds of pieces of instructional content and connecting with thousands of families.

The Results

The single biggest win was a campaign that generated 115 X ROAS and overall the initial campaign generated 4000 email addresses and over $100,000 in ONLINE product purchases in a few week period.

3 weeks into the schools program and we had: 
57 registered schools confirmed
167 have nominated their schools
874 kids have become compost heroes which equates to around
20,000 + parents and more schools are joining the program everyday

YOY online revenue has increased by $1.2 Million

The brand continues to scale and grow with our team leading the way to break into the US market. 

While the brand has grown, it’s important to mention here that we were offering a quality product with a proven history of sales. That’s important. If you’re trying to sell something that doesn’t have a proven product to market fit or the foundation in place for growth, your ads won’t gain traction and you won’t see growth like this. If you’re not sure if you’re ready to scale – speak to our team for a brand diagnostic assessment.

Ps. –  If you’re skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was… you can request a free strategy call to have myself and my team personally audit your business and ad campaigns and advise on how to scale and succeed with FB Ads!

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