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Scale your eCommerce business with a PROVEN framework that gets results – GUARANTEED
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What's REALLY stopping you from scaling your business to $100k per month and beyond?

Like most businesses, you’re struggling to get a consistent return on investment, holding on to memories of that  ‘good’ month you had in 2020 …

Well, things have changed. And so has the way digital advertising platforms behave ( here’s looking at you Zuckerberg 🤯 …) 

After working directly with our clients and take them through our exact framework – we have seen improvements like:

🚀 Gobal Supplier of gardening and composters client had their BIGGEST ROI in a 2 week period – $90k  in sales with just $15k adspend!  

🚀 Scaled our Australian SAAS Client to grow 500% in the year and reduced the cost acquiring a signup by 50%

🚀 Grew an international underwear brand by 2000 new customers in just 3 months equalling more than $50,000 in monthly revenue 

🚀 Conducted  a workshop for one manufacturing client that had uncovered a funnel leak which saved them $50,000

🚀 Grew a break even Baby eCommerce Store to $90k per month in just a few short weeks – this is generating from $20k adspend!

🚀 Our UK cheese subscription box client asked for a 10% increase in sales – we grew her business by 45% in the first month, generating 536% return on adspend



Three months in and we managed to scale this ecommerce brand with this one ad set bringing in a 155x ROAS  in 30 days and generating $100k of direct revenue from their online store!  ( ….all with just $15k 🥳 )
I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty good ROI for eCommerce!!
I’m about to walk you through exactly what we do, how and why we do it and why it works!

Brand Assessment & Alignment



The audience research we undertake is based on behavioural and social research, conducted across more that 50 platforms and using social listening tools. Every comment, every mention, every objection – from yours and your competitors brands. 

To really connect with your audience you have to love them, and to love them you have to get to know them – Understanding your customer brings opportunities you never see coming.


Facebook now needs an arsenal of creative AND it must marry to the copy, the audience and the landing page. We know that we needed 5 great pieces of content to start testing and have a continual flow of creative that we could use at any given moment. 
Our creative team has a knack for recycling existing content, helping to guide you to create more and have a library of instagram content creators at the ready!

Campaign Objectives:

What are your goals? What are your dreams for the business? As performance marketers we don’t lay a finger on an account until we know the full story of you, your hopes, your dreams…and that’s where our goals hit the mark.

Funnel Mapping:

Visually mapping the customer journey across multiple channels and sequences is something we do in our sleep – what we do to take it that step further though, is to SIMULATE ACTUAL ADSPEND through the funnel, so we can generate hypothesis of what the funnel will produce based on audience size, conversion rates and CPA’s.

Applying the Customer Data to Drive Conversions:

Having an amazing team of ah-mazing media buyers on hand certainly helps when it comes to tackling some of the most volatile, unpredictable and sometimes downright hostile advertising platforms on the planet. 
We train our team on the BPM method – the most integrated, proven and successful media buying processes in the world. And this is where the research comes to life.
Following the audit, the final step before running any with any campaign rollouts was to run a preliminary ‘competition’ so that we could learn even more about the audience and to ensure the funnel itself and buyer journey was ready for conversions.
The concept for the competition was simple – purchase one product in-store or online to enter the draw to win a monthly prize pack for your home. Once we started running this, we found that parent’s were the key demographic ( not just females 25-45) we realised that these are our key customers – we took it a step further and sought to include schools and their families to embrace the brand. By supporting schools with composting and greenhouses prize packs as well as their families. The teachers also gave every student flyers to take home so that the parents were able to participate by purchasing a product at their nearest Bunnings or online.
A multi generational, multi channel strategy that got the kinda response we as marketers LOVE.

See what we achieved below 👇


The Campaign...

WCM Digital circle
Now that the funnel and campaigns had been properly assessed and that the brand was ready for traffic, it was time to go live with the campaigns.

The Objective

We were tasked with knowing the audience better and growing the owned customer data base for the client, as their reliance on their retail stores was too heavy. Approaching this with a two -birds one stone theory, we decided a competition was the perfect way to do this. Grow the mail list & learn more about our true audience.


Previously, the brand had another agency running ads that were not seeing any success ( as they were targeting males). Our first strategy was to broaden  campaigns and split ads between competition and product ads. We quickly were able to see the new ads driving engagement and social proof as well as SALES. They overtook the performance of the direct product ads quickly due to competition entry requirements of a purchase to enter – we found they were not only purchasing one item for the competition entry but MORE than was the minimum requirement AND repeat purchases!


Creative had not been produced at a level that was needed to  scale and was non specific to the audience – there were no people in the creative and the copy was non specific and salesy.

The content holding the most value had large amounts of social proof (comments and shares), and when used in new ads, more than halved the cost of results. So this was a determining factor for us to build the new audiences confidence and trust by ensuring that our retailer ‘Bunnings’ was a brand featured in the creative and driving lots or social proof to the ads. 

The Funnel

WCM Digital circle
We created an emotional connection with parents by encouraging the kids to learn about composting. The Teachers are the vehicle and the schools benefit from the prize pack – a win for everyone!
With the success of the initial competition, we applied our findings to level up to the next stage of our campaign. The target is set – parents. Our next target? SCHOOLS. 

The competition worked so well, that we wanted to expand the idea nationally to schools around Australia. Applying all our learnings, we launched a new campaign that involved schools, the teachers, the students and the parents – “win a composting kit for your school and your home!”

What this does is engages the teachers to talk about composting and recycling with the kids, the kids take home a flyer ( that we supplied) about the competition and the parents purchase the product to enter the competition, Multi – generational advertising and promoting the product that everybody can feel good about using? WINNING!

That’s an emotive brand strategy that we’ll benefit from for years to come.

The Results

The single biggest win was a single campaign the generated 115 X ROAS – which is crazy… but overall the initial campaign generated 4000 email addresses and almost $100,000 in ONLINE product purchases
3 weeks into the schools program and we have: 
16 registered schools confirmed
125 have nominated their schools
502 kids have become compost heroes which equates to around
17,000 parents ( approximately) and more schools are joining the program everyday. 
The brand continues to scale and grow with our team leading the way to break into the US market. 

While the brand continues to scale and grow revenues it’s important to mention here the fact that we were offering a quality product with a proven history of sales. That’s important. If you’re trying to sell something that no one wants or that just isn’t good, it really doesn’t matter how good your ads are.
Ps. –  If you’re skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was… you can request a free strategy call to have myself and my team personally audit your business and ad campaigns and advise on how to scale and succeed with FB Ads!

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