How we increased prices instead of discounting to generate a clients best revenue ...ever

How we broke a $15k revenue ceiling to surpass $40k within just a few months: Case Study

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How we used a competitor analysis to increase revenue and average order value overnight.

Instantly creating revenue with a click of your fingers is certainly not something we would ever make claim to. The fact is that marketing is all about testing – testing banners, pricing, creative, targeting. It’s time consuming, tricky and in need of someone with patience.

So how did we increase conversion rate from avg. 1.5% over 12 months to over 6% just from tweaks to the banner – practically overnight??

There are certain nuances to the fine art of conversion optimisation that we have certainly tried and tested – humans being creatures of habit, unknowingly scan and read websites in a similar pattern. Our eyes generally follow a flow in a z down the screen and if the things that we’re looking for aren’t there, then there’s a very good chance we’ll move on to the next website that does.

In this case it comes down to a button on the header. Small you might think, but moving this button from a central position to the right instead made a huge difference – a 4.5% difference in fact. Imagine having a 6% conversion rate on your website from just a button changing position?? Mind Blown.

Obviously the rest of the site is primed for conversion, and the offer was carefully crafted. Without everything in perfectly in place – you just wouldn’t get the same result.


There was a small win to start – but our client had always felt she needed to compete on pricing with her competitors. apples aren’t always apples and to compete on pricing as a rule is never a good long term strategy. Positioning within your market as the premium product is always going to be a better idea.

We did a full analysis on products against 5 competitors. What we found was that the products weren’t quite the same and the offer not as good as her own. So we chose to only increase certain products – the ones where we knew the quality and offer was better. Not only did this increase the average order value by $20, it also increased revenue!

We’ve grown this brand  consistently over the past 6 months and $15k months have quickly turned into to $35k+ months. This client is now able to QUIT HER JOB and work full time on her eCommerce store to expand and develop new and exciting products!

Best Revenue Months EVER with WCM

This story is not just a one off. Through our dedicated framework we are able to achieve results that are beyond what our clients imagine. Are you ready to scale your brand into the 6 and 7 figures? There really is only one way to find out and that is to chat with our team and get a feel for how do things a little differently…