What Exactly is the Role of an In-House Marketing Manager?


in house marketing manager

Here at WCM, we’re marketing nerds, and proud of it! And because of our nerdy tendencies, we love to work with people who are as nerdy about marketing as we are. That means in-house marketing teams, marketing managers, and the kinds of people who genuinely get excited about a well-designed conversion funnel. These are our people

But in our time as an agency, we’ve met a few stressed-out marketing managers who have waaaay too much on their plate. And we don’t like to see our people stressed. So, we want to take this opportunity to address a bit of the confusion around the role of marketing managers… 

When marketing managers get hired… 

Marketing managers are hired to solve an organisation’s marketing problems. However, particularly in the SME world (as opposed to enterprise), there’s often an expectation that marketing managers will not only solve all the strategic marketing problems, but they’ll do all of the implementation as well. Like some sort of cape-wearing, marketing superhero who eats marketing funnels for breakfast and spits out conversions!  

Can one person really manage all the strategic ideation, as well as content production, running and optimising ads across multiple platforms, content scheduling, copywriting and everything in between?  

What is the role of a marketing manager? 

The role of a marketing manager is to strategise, solve problems, and drive results. But that doesn’t mean they should be the person implementing and monitoring every piece of content or campaign that makes up your strategy. If they spend the majority of their time nose-deep in ad bid strategies, optimisation and creative, they’ll never have time to step back and see the big picture. 

Ideally, a marketing manager should: 

👉 Manage other employees in the marketing team, or liaise with the marketing agency or consultants. 

👉  Develop and oversee implementation of strategies.  

👉  Set outcomes and goals for marketing efforts, and ensure these are achieved.  

👉  Identify target audiences and conduct audience/market research.  

👉  Develop and set budgets. 

The big picture is the important thing here. Yes, your marketing manager will have an in-depth understanding of all the different aspects of digital marketing and how they work together. But being able to execute on all of them is another thing entirely.  

The reality is, even though our team are all marketing nerds, we’re nerds with different expertise. The reason we see such great success with paid ads results is because we have team members who have trained extensively to become highly experienced and capable media buyers. They swim in their lane day in and day out to get ridiculously good at what they do. The same goes for other areas, like UX, SEO, and creative content production.  

What’s the solution? 

Outsourcing implementation to a marketing agency, or building an in-house team of specialists is the way to go. It might feel like an extra expense to pay a marketing manager and a team who can implement. But what happens to your marketing strategy when your overworked marketing manager is trying to frantically develop an 8-step marketing funnel with Zapier connections, email sequences, Facebook ad campaigns, Messenger bots, oh… and write copy and create all the visuals too? 

Scrambling to stay on top of all of those things leaves them with very little time to look at the big picture, plan ahead, pay attention to results and revenue goals and make clear-headed decisions about where the budget should be spent, and how the strategy should develop.  

Yep, even as a marketing agency, we would never rely one person to be able to implement across all channels. By understanding what the role of a marketing manager should really be, you’ll be able to budget better for the staff or consultants to support your marketing manager, and see better results from your marketing efforts in the long run. Like we said, it’s all about the big picture! 

Want to make your marketing manager really happy? The WCM team are here to help implement and execute on things like Facebook and Google ads, lead generation and more. Get in touch today to find out how we can support your marketing manager!  

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