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The new co-warehousing trend! How Clik Collective are transforming eCommerce Business in Melbourne

The boom of eCommerce isn’t slowing, last year, Australians dropped a total of A$28.6 billion on online shopping. So it’s no surprise that there is expected to be a 15% increase in online shopping in Australia for 2019. As the landscape increases in demand, competition increases with it, bringing a need for eCommerce to improve production processes and develop innovative ways to engage with their customers.

Predictions are that eCommerce store owners will need to rely more heavily on content and experiences to compete. According to Big Commerce the trend for 2019 will include precision marketing (highly targeted ad spend), employing experienced ad buyers, developing consumable content, focusing on community building and highly engaging experiences and bringing offline back to the consumer.

Clik Collective was founded in Kensington and was followed in 2018 with Clik Collective Moorabbin. The spaces are dedicated eCommerce warehouses with office spaces and cater for both eCommerce and service businesses. The benefits for eCommerce are reflective of the trends predicted by Big Commerce. As large corporate businesses offshore and introduce technology resulting in less workforce, highly skilled professionals jump at the chance to operate a profitable business that will ultimately provide greater flexibility and lifestyle.

WCM digital have called Clik home since it opened and have grown rapidly as a result.

Here are the benefits of working at Clik Collective:

Surrounded by community

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Working from home can be isolating for any business, you miss the social interaction that can offer both a welcome break and an increase in productivity. An office community provides a sounding board for ideas, a quick coffee catch up to dissect the latest episode of MAFS or the end of Game of Thrones or simple tech support. What once felt like being a ship floating in a lonely sea, becomes a sea of different skills, knowledge, and experience ready to steer you back on course. Lifestyle? Absolutely, you enjoy regular visits from adorable puppies who are allowed on site – as are kids!

Improved productivity

A secure warehouse space where product is easily accessible, ready to be shipped! A loading bay for receiving goods, a goods out cage where you can simply drop your packages ready for collection by your courier and a packaging station prepared with everything from packing tape to scales! Need product shots? There is an onsite photography studio, including a green wall and light box! The process of running a eCommerce business becomes seamless with a space and operations team dedicated to making your business successful. Even as a service based business, the access to meeting rooms, meeting spaces, photography studios and kitchen is invaluable to our productivity.

No overheads & partner benefits

Your rent covers it all, there are no costs for electricity, internet, meeting spaces, weekly and monthly learning events and Friday night drinks! You also receive benefits through the partner program, discounts on insurance, delivery services and more!

Offline experiences for customers

” As online experiences become more and more seamless, brands will look to build moats around themselves with high-quality and high-interactivity offline experiences. “ – Big Commerce, 2019 Trends.

A physical space can give your local customers an opportunity to collect products directly from your store or participate in experiences. Clik regularly holds warehouse sale experiences to encourage customers to buy directly.

In good company

So who are the kind of businesses that work at Clik Collective Moorabbin? From well-established stores with 6 figure monthly revenue to startups, this space is a hub of creativity from fashion to baby products to gin! Here are a few of our favorites:

If you are tired of working from home and seriously interested in skyrocketing your online store then check out clik here or shoot us an email [email protected] and we will point you in the right direction!