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Email Marketing Package



Email is the one marketing component that is in the most part FREE and is one of the highest converting forms of marketing. Our Email Packages are designed to integrate and work efficiently and seamlessly alongside your existing workflow. We design the emails to look and feel in line with your existing brand, we craft the words to suit your customers unique experience and we create super converting headlines so that your customers click through and take action. Best thing is we build these AND integrate them into your existing automation tool – Mailchimp, Klayvio or ( our personal favourite ) Active Campaign.

What you get:

1 x fully custom email marketing template.  Use it for an engaging weekly mailout

6 x Fully integrated highly converting automated emails – OF YOUR CHOICE.

eg, Abandoned cart, Thank you for purchasing, Welcome!, Please leave us a review, cross sell/ up sell, thank you for subscribing, free download optin response, loyal customer, frequent visitor, upcoming purchase reminder etc.

Ecomm owners you need these to convert your customers  & service based businesses, if you don’t have a nurture sequence in place then this is for you.

For service based you may need a sequence for:

An upcoming online event
A Course

Free Information about your expertise

Fully integrated into your preferred email client and triggered from your website

Tracked as conversion goals into your google analytics



Please note that Mailchimp needs to be the paid version for us to integrate.




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