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Product Description Template

Writing product descriptions

Do you get stuck when writing product descriptions?

Does this found familiar?

You put your heart and should into your product. You’ve thought through every material, ingredient and aspect in great detail, and you’re even nailing your product photos. But when it comes to writing your product descriptions, you always draw a blank. You don’t consider yourself a copywriter, and you’re just not sure what to write. Can’t your product speak for itself? Unfortunately, no. Product descriptions are important conversions, SEO and more. But they don’t have to be difficult!

In our free product description template, you’ll get:

  • Prompts to help you brainstorm your product features and benefits, customer personas, and everything customers want to know about your product.
  • Two product description templates for you to fill in and adapt for your own product.
  • Product description examples.

You’ll be able to follow these easy-to-use templates every time you need to write a product description, and before you know it, writing your product descriptions will be a breeze!

Are you ready to start writing powerful product descriptions?

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