Marketing for Gyms: How to Generate Quality Leads for your Gym or Fitness Centre


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During Covid-19 lockdowns, almost 42% of Aussie’s with gym memberships either cancelled, or were seriously considering cancelling their gym memberships. This is both due to health concerns and the fact that many purchased fitness equipment, adapted to working out from home and started to question the value of their gym memberships. That’s why at this time, marketing for gyms needs to be focused on generating leads. 

As a gym owner, we know you offer way more value than a few sets of dumbbells. You can offer a sense of community, professional guidance, motivation and accountability to your members. So, if things have been slow for your gym in the wake of Covid-19, it’s time to get proactive and start generating leads again. And not just any leads – quality leads who will go on to convert. 

Get your digital presence in order 

First thing’s first — just like warming up before your workout, you should start by getting your digital presence in order to maximise the chances of your new leads converting.  

  1. Work on your local SEO 

Marketing for gyms typically relies on reaching local audiences. And with Google placing more and more emphasis on local SEO, it’s important that you get a handle on your local listings. Make sure your details are up to date on sites like TrueLocal, Yelp, and most importantly, Google My Business to increase your chances of being discovered when someone Googles ‘gyms near me’.  

  1. Build your audience on social media 

Start showing your audience what they can get from you that they can’t get from their home workouts. Share content from yourself or your team of trainers about the classes you offer, your community of members, or fitness myth busting to showcase your expert knowledge and pique people’s interest.  

  1. Collect reviews and testimonials from your most loyal members  

A 2019 survey showed that people trust online reviews almost as much as personal recommendations, with 91% of consumers saying they’re more likely to trust a business with positive online reviews. Ask your most valued gym members to leave you a Google review, Facebook recommendation, or film a short testimonial that you can use on social media and your website. That way, if a new lead lands on your website or social media, they can immediately get a feel for what a great service you offer.  

Go after those leads 

Now that you’ve put some of the basics in place and started growing your audience through SEO and social media, how can you take your lead generation to the next level and make sure you’re getting qualified leads? 

  1. Create a lead magnet 

A lead magnet is a juicy bit of value-adding content that people can download or access in exchange for contact information like their email address. The beauty of a lead magnet is that once it starts attracting new leads, you can hit them with some lead nurturing content to help them convert. 

Think of different lead magnets to appeal to your different audience personas. Your gym members might be a mix of professionals who like to hit the gym before or after work, stay-at-home parents who enjoy yoga and pilates, and nutrition obsessed gym junkies. These different audiences will have different priorities when it comes to their fitness and workouts. You could offer a video series of quick yet effective workouts for your professionals, a free mindfulness eBook for your yoga and pilates lovers, and a meal plan for your gym junkies. Once you have your lead magnets prepared, run a Facebook campaign to target them to your different audiences, and keep tweaking and optimising until the leads start rolling in.   

  1. Set up a chat bot for automated lead nurturing 

At WCM, our favourite tried and tested method of generating leads for our gym and fitness centre clients is by combining targeted Facebook ads with a Messenger bot to help deliver qualified leads. Facebook ads can drive new leads to your Facebook page or website, where an automated Messenger bot can guide them through a nurture sequence to warm them up. It can educate them about your programs and membership options, answer FAQs, and send custom responses depending on their enquiry. This can all be automated, so you and your sales team won’t have to waste time chasing down low-quality leads, and you’ll eventually have a steady flow of qualified leads coming your way!  

Are you ready to get more leads for your gym or fitness business? The WCM team have a wealth of experience marketing for gyms and can set up your Facebook ads and Messenger bots to take the work off your plate and start bringing you new leads, so soon the only sweat you’ll have to break will be on the gym floor. Get in touch today.


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