How to add people to your Facebook Ad account

As the Facebook advertising auction space continues to grow in competition, the more complex advertising becomes. The landscape has more difficult to achieve results unless you have significant experience and training.

Organizations and small business are now looking to hand over the reins to the elite in their specific niche. As a Marketing Director or Business owner, there may come a time when you need to provide access to your Business Manager. A note here: any valuable Facebook Advertising specialist wi run your ads as an advertiser on your account – they will not run ads from their own account or request access to your account.

Your advertising will need to gain access to your Page and Your Ad Account (ook for two notifications)

The easiest way to provide access to your account is by following the steps below.

1. Provide your Facebook Ad ID

You can access your id from business manager. login in @ Go to Ads Manager and click on your ad account. The number appears next to your business name in the drop down.


2. Approve access

Provide this number to your ads manager who wi request access. Once they have confirmed the access request, go to your page and click on notifications, then requests.



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