How a Marketing Workshop Can Help You Stand Out After Lockdown


marketing strategy after lockdown

We now have a roadmap out of lockdown. If your business is preparing to re-open after a period of closure, or return to ‘new-normal’ operations, you’re probably well into preparation mode to ensure that your staff, store and stock are ready for when restrictions ease. So, we’re here to give you a reminder that you should be making a marketing workshop part of your post-lockdown preparations as well.

Whether you engage a marketing consultant to run a workshop, or put heads together with your marketing team, taking the time to run through a marketing workshop will help you nut out a strategy to make sure your brand is visible post-lockdown.

Why is visibility important right now?

Because not only will a whole lot of businesses be opening up at the same time, but we’re also right in the midst of the lead-up to Christmas. You can expect online spaces to be noisy. How are you going to make sure that your business stands out from your competitors, gets the attention of your customers, and makes a strong start post-lockdown?

We’ve put together a few points for you to think about when strategising with your team, or to discuss with your marketing consultant.

Review your customer personas 

Your business wouldn’t exist without your customers, so your audience is a great place to start when thinking about your post-lockdown strategy. Lockdown will have affected everyone in different ways. Take some time to re-evaluate your customer personas. Have their pain-points changed as a result of lockdown? Their budget? Their priorities for Christmas and beyond? Try to anticipate how your customers will be thinking and feeling as they emerge from lockdown, and plan your product launches, content and marketing activities with this in mind.

Listen in on social 

Social listening is great way to gather insights about your customers’ mindsets. Scroll through your social media channels and DMs for frequently asked questions and comments, in order to get a picture of your customers’ most pressing needs and concerns. You could check out your competitors’ channels to give you a bigger sample size, or even Facebook groups where your target customers hang out for more unfiltered conversations. If you’re able to use your insights to identify a new need your customers have and address it with a new product or new content, it could give you a real edge over your competitors.

Amplify your USP 

Now that you’ve got into the head of your customer, how are you going to make sure they pay attention to your message? Focus on what makes your brand unique. This is something you should already know, but now is the time to really make sure your customers know it too. Why do your customers choose your business over your competitors? Hone in on this, and look for ways to drive it home. This means creating fresh content that speaks to what makes you different, and even planning some paid campaigns to amplify your message.  

Optimise your online presence 

A lot of people have sadly taken a huge financial hit during the pandemic. Because of this, customers are going to be more concerned than ever with value. They’re likely to research the heck out of every purchase they make this Christmas to ensure their money isn’t going to waste on a poor-quality product. Are you ready for that? You need to make sure that all your online assets are working together to help nurture leads and conversions. As a starting point: 

👉 Do an audit of your product pages, about pages and FAQs to make sure your customers can easily get all the information they need about your products and services. 

👉 Do you have social proof? Having reviews and testimonials on your website and social media channels will help your customers feel more confident about their purchase decisions.  

👉 Are you set-up for conversation tracking? Do you have lead nurturing sequences in place? This will help ensure that your customers don’t lose sight of your brand in a noisy online environment and fall through the cracks before converting.

Once you’ve thought about all these things? It’s time to start putting them together into a strategy. If you need some help with your post-lockdown strategy, we’re excited to be offering a brand-new Mini Marketing Strategy Workshop! 

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