Does your Email Marketing Strategy Need Some TLC? Part 2

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Welcome to part 2 of our Email Marketing Strategy TLC series. Last week we talked all about making sure your existing email list is engaged and thriving. Now that we’ve given it a full health check, it’s time to talk about growing your list! These are some of our favourite tactics that we use to help our clients find high-quality email subscribers.  

  1. Hook in new subscribers with a lead generation offer 

A lead generation offer is when you offer potential subscribers a valuable piece of content in exchange for their email address. This is typically done using a lead form in which people have to submit their email address in order to download or access your juicy bit of content. Just make sure it’s a piece of content that people will be willing to give up their email address for! Something like an eBook full of valuable tips and resources you aren’t already giving away for free on your organic social media channels. It could even be access to a longform video or podcast that’s packed with value. Once you have your content offer sorted, be sure to promote it across your other channels. This is a great chance to capture the details of people who might be ‘lurking’ on your social media channels, but haven’t yet taken the next step of signing up. We also suggest running a targeted Facebook campaign to promote your offer.  

  1. Host a webinar or event 

Hosting a webinar or event that requires people to register using their email address is another great way to attract new contacts, while offering them something of value upfront to get them interested in your brand. Make it an extra enticing offer by partnering with a thought-leader in your industry to run the webinar. That way you can both capitalise on each other’s audiences, and share the new contacts at the end. Double the value for everyone!  

  1. Create a blog you audience can subscribe to 

A regular blog can encourage users to subscribe to regular email updates so they don’t miss out on any of your great content. Blogging has other added benefits as well. From an SEO standpoint, fresh content looks good to search engines and can keep people on your website for longer. It might also be an opportunity for you to get some high-authority backlinks if what you’re producing is of value to those in your industry. Of course, you do need to be wary of bombarding blog subscribers with marketing emails too often and potentially causing them to unsubscribe. But your blog will inevitably help readers feel connected with your brand and encourage them to visit your website as they seek out more content, where they might be inspired to take further action like making a purchase. If you’re concerned that you don’t have the time or resources to start a blog, look at the content you’re already producing for social media. Could any of it be expanded on or adapted into a blog format? It might only take an extra paragraph or two to take something from insightful Instagram caption to a beefy blog post that can enhance your email marketing strategy.  

  1. Leverage your existing subscribers 

If you’ve already been using tips like the ones we suggest above to keep your mailing list super engaged, then you might be in a position to use your existing subscribers to spread your message a little further. Try adding a ‘forward to a friend’ button or social media share icons in your emails. If your content really speaks to your audience, they might be inspired to share it, helping you find some new, like-minded subscribers in the process.   

  1. Make it easy for people to sign-up.  

This might seem obvious, but have you ever been on a website and wanted to sign up to a mailing list but couldn’t find the ‘subscribe’ button? You could be producing the most stellar content around, but if your audience can’t find your sign-up form, you’re going to miss out on countless opportunities to build your list! The website footer is the standard place that many people know to look for the subscribe button, but it won’t hurt to put it in a few other prominent places too, like your ‘about’ or ‘contact us’ page. A non-obtrusive banner at the very top of your website is another great option, and you can even throw in an incentive. Something like ‘sign-up to receive 10% off your first order’ could just prompt someone to sign up, and make a purchase too. 

Another tip is to look for other places to include your sign-up button, like as a CTA on your Facebook cover page. You could even trial having a sign-up landing page as the link your Instagram bio for a short period, and track how many sign-ups you get as a result. 

  1. Host a giveaway.  

A giveaway that requires entrants to submit their email address to be in the running can be another high-impact way to grow your list. As with webinars, partnering with other brands in your industry can help your giveaway reach a wider audience, getting you more new subscribers in the process.  

Truth be told, it can be expected that a certain percentage of competition entrants are going to unsubscribe at the first available opportunity (we get it – we’ll sign up to anything for free stuff!). But you can maximise your chances of keeping your contacts on your list by carefully crafting your follow up emails. Have you ever received an email out of the blue from a company that you’re vaguely interested in, but have no memory of subscribing to? Chances are you signed up during a giveaway, and the company never followed up. As soon as the competition is over, email all your new contacts to let them know what great things are in store for them now that they’re on your mailing list. You could even offer them a discount code if they didn’t win. But whatever you do, don’t wait three months until they’ve forgotten they even entered your competition and then send them a generic email. They’ll unsubscribe en masse! 

Bonus tip:  

Anywhere you’re directing your customers to sign up to your mailing list (particularly if it’s a lead offer or a competition), it helps to have a dedicated landing page to host your lead form. A beautifully designed landing page will stop contacts getting distracted and clicking off to other pages on your website (or even bouncing before they submit their email address), and ensure you’re collecting all the information you need. Many email marketing platforms offer landing page templates, but if you need further advice, our team at WCM specialise in creating high-converting landing pages, as well as offering email marketing strategy packages to help you grow your list. Get in touch below 👇 to find out how we can help with your email marketing strategy.  

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