Digital Marketing in 2020: what made an impact and what matters in 2021?


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We’re almost getting tired of saying it, but digital marketing is constantly changing. New platforms launch and change the landscape (looking at you TikTok), advertising rules and algorithms update, trends in content emerge, and trying to keep up is almost a job in itself.  

But while digital marketing trends move quickly, not all of them have a lasting impact. As we start to wrap things up for 2020, we thought we’d take a moment to look back on digital marketing in Australia this year. We chatted to WCM Digital co-founders Liza Simpson and Leslie Mclaughlan to get their observations from 2020 and predictions for what’s really going to make an impact on digital marketing in 2021! 

The eCommerce boom wasn’t temporary 

“ECommerce has been the hero of Covid,” said Leslie. “As we know, in normal times, December is big for eCommerce, then it usually dies off. But this year, digital marketing trends predict eCommerce will remain just as strong heading into 2021 as it has been throughout 2020.”  

This is at least in part because of new audiences being introduced to online shopping during lockdowns in Australia and globally, and forming new and lasting shopping habits. We observed some eCommerce trends earlier this year, and according to a report from Australia post, between March and October 2020, over 1 million new households shopped online, which is an increase of 28.5% YOY. 

Data from Facebook also suggests the eCommerce will continue to grow, even with non-traditional audiences. Even prior to Covid, mobile purchases by Gen X and Baby Boomers have grown by 50% year on year during the Christmas season, but Covid-19 accelerated this trend amongst the older generations, with 43% of people surveyed saying they except to shop online more frequently even once the pandemic is over.  

If you’re a business owner who only delved into eCommerce in 2020, and you’re thinking of letting it lapse in 2021, think again. 2020 cemented eCommerce as a go-to shopping option for many, so we recommend investing in your eCommerce strategy for next year! 

Put a pin in it in 2021 

Moving in to 2021, Leslie will be turning her attention to Pinterest.  

“Pinterest growth in Australia is trending higher than it ever has before,” says Leslie. 

Roy Morgan data shows that Pinterest is only just behind Instagram as the fastest growing social media platform in Australia in recent years, which makes sense considering that Pinterest opened its first Australian office in Sydney in August 2019, in order to support Australian and New Zealand creators and advertisers using the platform.  

“Pinterest growth in Australia is trending higher than it ever has before.” 

Leslie Mclaughlan, wcm digital

“We’re using it more and more at WCM, and we’re starting to see better engagement and conversions with ads. It’s a great place for education content and lead magnets, and it’s definitely something we’ll be looking to include in omni-channel digital marketing strategies for our clients in 2021,” said Leslie.  

Content reigns supreme 

While digital marketing trends can be fleeting, one thing remains constant year after year — content is still king.  

“People are sort of over the idea that ‘content is king’, but the reality is that content production is so vitally important to every element of marketing,” said WCM Digital CEO Liza Simpson.  

“It needs to be consistent and it needs to be emotionally connected to a business’ value proposition. Those who don’t produce content regularly and strategically will ultimately fail in the digital marketing world.” 

Content production is so vitally important to every element of marketing.

Liza Simpson, WCM Digital

Diversify or die in 2021 

After events in 2020, it’s become more clear than ever that digital marketers shouldn’t be putting all their eggs in one basket.  

“Making sure you’re not relying on one channel is so important. It really hit home when Facebook started to crack down on ads during the U.S. election. You really need to have an omni-channel digital marketing strategy in place to make sure you’re not at risk,” said Liza.  

For those who may not be aware, around the time of the U.S. election in November, a glitch on Facebook’s part saw thousands of Facebook ad accounts temporarily disabled. At the time, Google search queries for ‘Facebook ad account disabled’ jumped to 1050% in just a few hours, reportedly as a result of Facebook cracking down on political advertising. While the glitch was temporary, it was disruptive and harmful to many marketers’ campaigns and got people wondering about the possibility of future bans or advertising crackdowns.   

“Think of digital marketing as investing money in advertising,” said Liza. “If you put all your money into one stock, a financial adviser would tell you that’s crazy. We’ll be continuing to look at other channels and methods for our clients in 2021, including Pinterest as Leslie mentioned.” 

Thanks to Leslie and Liza for giving us the scoop on what’s really making an impact in digital marketing in 2020/2021! If you’re looking to boost your eCommerce strategy, diversify your marketing, or even try out Pinterest advertising, get in touch today. Our team of expert marketing consultants and strategists have their fingers on the pulse, and are ready to work with you.  


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