Black Friday is Coming! 5 Things You Must Do to Prepare


black friday Back in pre-internet days (yes, we remember pre-internet days) it used to be all about the Boxing Day sales. People would swarm to shopping centres and line up around the block grab the best deals on anything and everything they could get their hands on!  

But over the last few years, the focus of the festive season has shifted. It’s becoming more and more about Black Friday. The sales are happening online, with emails, Facebook and Google ads and every other digital billboard you can think of being used by brands to bring attention to their sales. It’s competitive, and you want to make sure your business doesn’t get left behind. So, what can your business do to prepare, and make the most of Black Friday? 

  1. Set up abandoned cart email sequences.  

As shoppers compare deals across different websites on Black Friday, you can expect people to abandon online shopping carts left, right and centre. If you don’t already have an automated abandoned cart email sequence set up, now is the time to do it. If you already have one, adjust the delay time on your email so that it goes out after a few hours, rather than the 24-hour timeframe you might have it set for currently. Black Friday sales are for a limited time only, and you want to take every opportunity to entice shoppers back to your site before the deals end. 

  1. Ready, set, retarget!  

In the same vein of thinking as your abandoned cart email sequences, you want to be retargeting distracted customers on social media to entice them back to your site. Just make sure you’ve adjusted your retargeting timeframe to reach them quickly! While you may normally be wary of bombarding customers on social media, this is the one day when it’s ok to follow those customers around the internet to increase your chances of bringing them back to your site and winning the sale.  

  1. Make sure your site is mobile-ready 

An Adobe study found that over 39% of Black Friday sales in 2019 happened on smartphones. On a day when shoppers are spoilt for choice, it’s important to remove any barriers than might make them bail mid-purchase and choose another retailer over yours. Make sure your site is mobile-ready so that people can browse your products, add to cart and checkout quickly and easily.  

  1. Build anticipation 

ABS data shows a dramatic increase in Aussies shopping in November over the last 10 years. Which means that we’re hanging out for those Black Friday sales to do our Christmas shopping (or treat ourselves, let’s be real 😉). So, in one of the noisiest online shopping periods of the year, it’s a good idea to let customers know what deals you’ll have on offer ahead of time so they can budget for your products, and so that you don’t get lost in the Black Friday fray. Don’t keep your deals a secret. Get the word out to your mailing list and run social media ads in the lead up to build anticipation.  

Facebook has a clever ad placement option called ‘offers’, which allows customers to save a coupon on their Facebook page to be used within a certain timeframe. It’s an often-overlooked feature, but perfect for early engagement for the big weekend! 

  1. Use social proof to increase conversions 

Hopefully, you’ll have some new shoppers visiting your store on Black Friday. This could be people who are totally new to your brand, or have been hanging out for a sale in order to try your product. It’s well known in digital marketing that shoppers trust other customers’ opinions more than the word of brands or advertisers (and fair enough, really!). So, gathering online reviews and user-generated content to use in your Black Friday campaign will help you stand out from the crowd, and increase conversions by increasing customers’ confidence in their purchases. Our tip is to use user-generated video content in your ads leading up to Black Friday, and make sure customers can see product reviews on your website. 

Use this as a checklist to make sure your website, email marketing and social media ads are ready to go for Black Friday. Need any help? Our team of marketing consultants have helped our clients nail a fair few Black Friday sales (read a case study here)Get in touch today to find out how we can help.  


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