Artificial Reality – Taco Bill Case Study

WCM Digital have worked with Taco Bill from the begging of 2019. Over the last 50 years Taco Bill have experienced the rise and fall of organic brand marketing, relying heavily on loyalty, lack of competition and location. However, the last 5 years has placed pressure on the brand to maximise their micro budget. The rise of digital marketing provides an easier entry to market for restaurants and savvy food consumers look for the next big thing. In this competitive climate developing a strong omnichannel digital strategy is imperative.

The Game

Our goal for the AR – Eat The Taco campaign is primarily building brand awareness and reaching a younger demographic. The game is an augmented reality filter that works with the Facebook camera app. Users open the camera a filter loads showing taco’s and burritos dropping from the sky, users need to open and close their mouth the catch (eat) the tacos and burritos. A counter picks up the number of items eaten, a score of 25 will end the game and a coupon is delivered via messenger. If a Piñata drops and is accidentally eaten the score is reduced by one point.

Game Delivery

The game can be played by via a direct link to the Facebook Camera, however, the coupon redemption posed a complexity. We also wanted to further engage with the customer after they had received a coupon to encourage them to share, book and redeem. Messenger bots provide the perfect solution to delivery – the game is delivered via a messenger flow that includes instruction on how to play.

The Results

  • The campaign launched Tuesday 26/03/19 – Results as at 08/04/19 (12 days)
  • $270 ad spend, we sent 777 people through the initial sequence.
  • Game played 1,016 times
  • 642 Vouchers delivered. 81% of people who initiated the bot were delivered a coupon.
  • 72 Booking links clicked
  • 74 Coupons redeemed. 11.5% Conversion to date.
  • Website visits doubled

Redemption & Conversion

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The coupon is delivered via a sequence on game click with a delay. The sequence provides a coupon, an opportunity to book and a server redeem button which are tagged to capture coupon redemptions. The sequence is followed by a share card.
After one day the user is issued with a fun fact and a link to the menu, book and the email list – club taco.

On redemption we ask the user leave a review.

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