9 Automated Email Sequences You Should Be Using


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Your mailing list is one of your most valuable marketing assets. But do you ever feel like you could be getting more out of it? If most of your email activity revolves around sending generic emails to your entire list that don’t yield great results, it’s time to up your game with automated email sequences. 

Automated email sequences are series of emails that are automatically sent to your contacts based on pre-determined events or triggers. These could be time-bound, or based on actions customers take on your website like purchases or sign ups. Sequences are powerful for many reasons. They can help nurture leads, help you upsell, and even turn regular customers into brand advocates. And best of all — once you invest the time and effort into setting them up, they’ll continue to work for you for years to come. If you’re unsure of how sequences could work for you, we’ve put together some common yet highly effective examples of sequences you could be using.  

  1. Welcome Sequence 

The most important email your contacts will ever receive from you? The first email. It sets the tone for the rest of your communication, so make sure your customers are getting something more than a generic ‘you are now subscribed’ email. A welcome sequence can be triggered by a blog or mailing list sign up and is a fantastic opportunity to get new contacts to engage with your brand. Thank your new contact for signing up and remind them of the benefits they’ll get from being on your list (monthly blog posts, exclusive discounts, etc.). You could even introduce your team, tell your contact about your brand’s values, or encourage them to follow you on social media.  

  1. Brand Advocate Sequence 

What if you could turn your customers into your number one brand advocates, with just the magic of an email sequence? One option is to build a sequence that gets triggered when a customer has made a certain number of product purchases or interactions with your services, asking them to review your product or be part of a customer success case study. Online reviews are a must these days, and this is an underutilised trick that can take all the hard work out of manually figuring out who your most loyal customers are and chasing them for reviews or testimonials.  

  1. Content Sequence 

If you’re putting out a lot of top-notch content for your brand, you could use it to get new leads and then nurture them with a sequence of value-adding emails. For example, if you’re a skin-care brand, the promise of an eBook download about the best skin-care routines for each skin type is a great hook. Once they’ve signed up, it could trigger a ‘skincare school’ series of automated emails with all your best skincare content. This is a clever way to provide value to your new leads and keep them engaging with your brand, with the added benefit of learning what content resonates most with your customers based on what links they click in your emails. 

  1. Onboarding/Product Education Sequence 

This type of sequence is commonly triggered within a certain timeframe after a product purchase, and should be full of useful information for your customers about how to get the most out of your product. This is particularly effective for companies with a complex product, like tech or SaaS companies. Customers won’t continue paying for a product if they feel they aren’t getting value from it. But an automated email to educate your customers, provide a quick walkthrough or answer FAQs could be just the thing to keep those sceptical customers on board. And it will be a lot less legwork than answering lots of individual customer support enquiries!  

  1. Event Sequence 

If you run events and aren’t using automated email sequences, you’re missing countless opportunities to excite and engage your customers! Event reminder emails are standard, but there are lots of creative ways to use pre-event emails beyond logistical information. For instance, you could let your customers know what social media hashtags you’ll be using to maximise the impact of your event on the day, and include special previews in your pre-event emails to create a real sense of anticipation. Afterwards, send an automated follow-up email with event resources, photos and a thank you for being involved, and ask your customers for feedback when the event is still fresh in their minds. A bit of pre-planning will mean you won’t miss any of these valuable opportunities while you’re pre-occupied with running your event.  

  1. Abandoned Shopping Cart 

You’re probably already familiar with this one from your own online shopping. This is an automated email sent to customers who have left something in their online shopping cart. It can be a simple reminder, create a sense of urgency (get it before it sells out!), or even incentivise customers with a discount code or free shipping. Research shows that abandoned cart email automations can recover up to 10% of lost revenue, so, they’re a must for every eCommerce business. 

  1. Lead Nurturing Sequence 

A marketing funnel is a great way to organise your content and guide your new leads through the customer journey. But if you find customers just aren’t getting past the top of your sales funnel, a lead nurturing sequence could be just the thing you need. This can be triggered by top of funnel events like eBook downloads. After a contact has performed one of these top of funnel actions, you can automate an email to send them your top-quality content that has been proven to help convert, like testimonials, case studies, or free trials.  

  1. Re-Engagement Sequence 

If you suspect you have a lot of inactive contacts on your mailing list, don’t just let them sit there! Reach out and re-engage them. This type of sequence can be triggered by a time-bound event, such as the length of time since they last opened an email or visited your website. Send them something that rewards them for engaging with your brand again, like an exciting piece of content or an exclusive discount offer. 

  1. Upsell Sequence 

Triggered by a recent product purchase event, this type of sequence can be automated to recommend complementary products or services to your customers. Let them know what moisturiser works best with the cleanser they just bought, or which of your online courses will build on the one they’ve just enrolled in. This is a much more targeted, effective way to sell than blasting your whole mailing list.  

So, have we sold you on the time-saving, targeted magic of email sequences yet? These are just some of the sequence options you can set-up, but you can get creative with custom sequences to suit your product offering, audience, and business model. If you need help identifying which sequences are right for your business, get in touch today. We can design and implement automated email sequences to ensure you are getting the most out of your mailing list.  

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