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Top 5 Apps for Marketing Growth Analysis

Want to understand how to grow your business faster?

These 5 apps will give you insight that will gain more traffic and leads sooner.


Apps have become so ingrained in everything we do that even the saying “there’s an app for that” is outdated. There isn’t just one app for that, there are apps to manage apps, and assortment of apps to handle just about any task. As the growth of tech start up community continues to rise across the world and here in Australia, there won’t be any shortage of handy tools to increase marketing performance. Landing on the right tool for the right task though is a little more complex and you could wind up with a huge subscription bill and no ROI.  When it comes to digital marketing we love innovative technology, and when it comes to a super useful tool we shout it from the rooftops.

If you want more productivity, better return on investment and some pretty cool insights check out our favourites.

Traffic – Semrush

One of the big guns for SEO, you can gain valuable insight into your website search ranking position, traffic, keywords, back links and loads more. The ability to drill down into your competitors traffic sources, keywords and back links is invaluable but expensive month to month. If you can manage it in your budget then you get so much more out of it than google analytics or keyword planner. If you have the budget to pay for SEO or AdWords then find the spend to track your ranking more closely, even (or particularly) is you outsource your SEO. There are other tools out there that offer additional information such as competitor metatags ( or ( for backlinks but as a starting point you can really get on top of your search.

Social – Rival IQ

Across the board Social media reporting tools (from a marketing managers perspective) are broadly missing the holistic view over the market. This may well be the lack of well understood strategies for growth, and therefore goals across each platform. No two strategies are the same and while it’s easy to track basic growth in numbers (likes, followers, comments) it’s not so straight forward understanding or tracking engagement patterns and conversions. Screenshot of Rival IQThe apps themselves offer no such clarity (let’s not get into Facebook reach reporting, am I right!), which makes it more difficult for the clever clogs in the tech start up world to create a social dashboard that covers all the basis. And if you do know of one, please contact me on That being said a few get close, and at least provide some pretty amazing insights.

Rival IQ is also not on the cheap side, but when it comes down to developing a social strategy, this is an awesome place to start. Link in your top 5 competitors (or more depending on your subscription) and watch as the truth unfolds. Determine the best time to post, the most engaged posts, what content works and what tanks. Semrush data is included to give you a holistic competitor analysis across traffic and social, plus it’s one of the easiest tools to use with a well thought out dashboard.

Content – Buzzsumo

When it comes to expense this one might tip you over the edge and in terms of ROI it’s probably more suited to agency or content marketers. If you get a chance, jump on for a trial as it’s fascinating stuff. We all know by now that content is powerful, we need to write it, have it shared and have others link to it. Knowing which content will be more popular based on a keyword is invaluable. The app gives you the most shared content across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest on any given subject. If I want to write about WordPress website support then I can see that the most shared content is about the top plugins to use, making it a hundred times easier to select content topics that will potentially be shareable and engaging. If you have a solid content and SEO strategy you will be looking to find bloggers and business pages that will share your content and Buzzsumo gives a list of pages or influencers that frequently share this type of content.

Conversions – hotjar

If you are not analysing your website visits then now is the time to start. Understanding how much traffic is coming to your site and at which point a visitor exits is important, but do you know what information your visitors are driven to? Can you tell what buttons they press the most, how far down the screen they scroll and what path they took to get to a conversion? This insight is critical to developing a website that is built as a marketing machine. Your website should have the flexibility to be changed as new insight is delivered to you. hotjar records behavioural heatmaps showing you where most clicks occur or what part of your screen is viewed more frequently. You can also record every visitor, and if you have the time to review them (or hire a marketing agency, aka us, to give you the insight in an actionable format), you will be able to continually adjust your site and significantly increase conversions.

Sales Funnel – Pipedrive

Okay so it’s not marketing analysis, but once you’ve got those leads you still need drive them through your sales funnel and convert them to a sale. Pipedrive is super easy to use because it looks exactly how it behaves, i.e. each step in your sales pipeline is a column. Pipedrive nails it in term of smart integration, connect with Mailchimp, Yesware and Trello (naming a few) for a seriously effective automated funnel.

And to summarise, we know this is certainly not an exhaustive list but if you hook your business into these top 5 apps, you are guaranteed to see more opportunities for growth. If it’s all too overwhelming we can prepare in depth analysis across any of these platforms for your business and help you take your leads to the next level.

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