4 Recent Facebook Myths – Debunked

facebook myths There  is an enormous amount of chatter in the marketplace at the moment around Facebook trends, algorithm changes and restrictions on advertising. Well since we’ve been in the game more than 10 years at WCM Digital – we thought we’d shed a little light on the rumour mill and let you know what is real and what is fake.

Obviously there is a lot to be worried about at the moment with all this COVID-19 sweeping the world. Business will never be the same, but we do absolutely despise when we hear some of the chatter that is happening or fear mongering more precisely, that affects ( and scares) people from actually getting their businesses back on track and making this situation work for them rather than against.

With the HUGE influx of new marketers flooding in from all over the country (and world) it’s easy to fall into the trap of the many rumours that have surfaced with everyone vying for new business. So we want to set the record straight and provide some light on the top 5 rumours that we have heard in the last week! Here goes:

Rumour 1.  Facebook are running their ads cheaper than normal

Reality: Facebook can’t run ads cheaper – it’s an auction. Effectively they don’t set the price at all. The “price’ is a bid against other buyers. The price is set by how much noise there is in the news feed. What they can control is how much noise there is – ie how the algorithm decides to show ads. Allowing more ads would reduce the price – this might be something they are doing as I have seen more ads lately but this could also be as a result of the recent ban on covid posts they put into place – if the algorithm is stopping more posts then the feed is quieter.

Rumour 2. Facebook sales have completely dropped off for all businesses

Reality: As an agency we’ve seen first hand on all our accounts the effects of COVID and I have to say, It has had some peaks and troughs over the last couple of weeks – but overall in Ecommerce, our ROI is still as strong as ever. People are still buying and we’ve seen growth in online retail.

Rumour 3. COVID-19 testing kits, hand sanitiser & surface disinfecting wipe posts are being banned and accounts deleted.

Reality:  This is a rumour we are going to support! Yes this IS true – facebook has banned these types of ads due to safety reasons, misinformation and people profiting from COVID… so definitely stay away from images and copy that are associated with these topics.

Rumour 4. Facebook is going to start charging users a fee because of Coronavirus 

Ummmm…. nope. Im not even sure how this got off the ground, but no Facebook will not be looking at charging users a fee – we think they make enough money already – don’t you?

What are the rumours that are circulating around your business groups? facebook or otherwise – let us know!

Are you are wondering what you should be spending on Facebook ads right now? We wanted to share our handy calculator that we use here in our agency – so you can calculate what you should be spending for what return on Facebook ads…


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